Presenting itself as a sculpted ground plane, this masterplan for Sara Roosevelt Park supports recreation, education, and clean energy production.  Spanning seven city blocks from Houston to Canal in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the park will maintain its existing recreational use with a 'plus' program of algae cultivation laboratories weaved within. The entire site
builds up towards the center at the Delancey intersection at a 1:50 slope reaching no higher than 24’ at its peak.


As the site itself raises it leaves opportunity to tuck within it different sports fields and intertwine them with the algae production.  At times these labs may reveal themselves and at times they are camouflaged within the park itself. As the algae cultivation and labs become more public towards the center, park goers are able to view the cultivation process from above.

Urban Studio

Andrew Bernheimer

Parsons the New School for Design

Fall 2017

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